Thursday, January 06, 2005

Scientology Volunteer Minister Team in Madras (including Tibetan Buddhist Monks who have been trained on giving assists). Posted by Hello
The Scientology Volunteer Minister team in Chennai (Madras) had another meeting with the local Rotary Club to get more data on what is happening in the badly affected areas down the coast, and went down the coast. Along the eastern coast of India, 560 villages were damaged or destroyed by Tsunami waves that carried big trucks as far as 2 km from the shore and dumped them as tangled masses of junk in the fields. 500,000 people are homeless, well over 10,000 are dead.

In conjunction with the Rotary clubs, trained teams of Scienotlogy Volunteer Mnisters (including 28 Tibetan Buddhist Monks who have been trained in giving Assists) have been sent into four different areas.

The Rotarians have requested help in training volunteers, rehabilitating the lives of those affected, conseling and medical supplies. The fishermen are without boats, nets, or a way to survive. Women lost families, men lost wives and children, thousands of orphans are in need of help. Much is needed and much is being done. Trained teams of VMs from the UK, US and South Africa are now here, helping the survivors.