Monday, September 12, 2005

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Go to the Gulf Coast

Over 600 Scientology Volunteer Ministers are in the states of Louisiana and Mississippi, with others manning shelters where evacuees have been relocated.

It is a really terrible disaster. When you compare it with the damage done by the 9/11 terrorist attacks four years ago there was probably more loss of life and more destruction of property and certainly more people affected by the disaster from Hurricane Katrina.

It was right after 9/11 that Mr. David Miscavige appealed to all Scientologists to dedicate themselves to improving conditions in society. He called 9/11 a "wakeup call" that all is not well and that Scientologist who know they have solutions to the problems in society need to take far more responsibility.

A lot has changed over the past four years.

But here again, we have another example of lack of coordination and failure to predict consequences (or act upon the predictions that naturalists for example have been making for years) resulted in far more harm than there should have been.

Mr. Miscavige has been a real inspiration to me and my friends.

Here is a sites where you can find resources about Scientology.